Friday, July 24, 2009

Day 14

Well here I am on day 14. That's 2 weeks of work now and I must say that I am still feeling really good. I am starting to really enjoy my running and walking time. I feel energized after I get past all of the first initial huffin' and puffin' as I go. Once I start, I can hardly stop goin'.

Yesterday, I experianced a little bit of a hurdle. I twisted one of my knees. This would probably be just a minor thing if I didn't already have horrible knees. Best I can figure is that I either tore the cartlidge in them or fractured both in a really bad fall when I was little and since then they have been troublesome. I remember very vividly having to be carried by teachers out of the gym in gradeschool and then sitting in class with them elevated and covered in ice. I couldn't even enjoy the fact that I had won an art judging for a portrait of George Washington and Abe Lincoln. I just sat there in tears and in pain. Ever since then I have always had grinding and popping ( a lot like poprocks) when they flair up. So yesterdays twisting has been felt with every step I take. After I twisted it, I thought I might still be ok for at least a walk...after all, we were on our way to our bike path when I did it. Puppies don't just walk themselves! Well, they kinda do but you know what I mean. So after we had walked a good ways with minimal pain, I decided to jog and well ... that didn't last long. Once we got home, I iced that sucker down and tried to get some sleep (we went really late so when we got home it was time for a shower and then bed). Even taking the shower was a little rough. Just standing didn't feel good.

Ok, day 14... Got up and went to the store today and afterwards my little one and I got suited up to go biking. I finally got my bike back after it needing tube repair and such. Little gal and I set off to ride and of course that is more of a balancing act than excerise because she rides her trike and I ride a bike with lots bigger tires than hers...and her little legs can't keep up to compensate the size difference. So I mostly get a sore butt and have to do a lot of stoping and starting. After our ride we went home for a bit of water and got ready to take the puppies out for a run. My husband went as well and he walked with little gal and our well mannered pup while I ran with our rowdy puppy. It was a good run/walk tonight. I got a sweat goin' and muscles were feeling used and ....SHIN SPLINTS... can't forget those. So today we probably did somewhere around an hour of biking and close to 45 mins to an hour of jogging in. I feel like I'm accomplishing something at least. Although, right knee is totally feelin' it. Not gettin' around all that well but my brace kept me pretty straight. Tomorrow I will probably stick to just a walk with the pups to keep the swelling and such down. Don't want to injure myself so bad that I can't do any good with my weight.

In conclusion, I think my weightloss is right about on target for the life that I lead. I would like to hope for more of a loss but knowing how my body processes exercise... I know that I build muscle at a more rapid speed than I loose weight. That is a FACT! In highschool I used to weight lift in the boys range and got a little carried away with it and started to muscle up so much that jeans and shirts would not fit right in the arms, thighs and calves. So I could have possibly lost more weight but the muscle might be fighting with the scales. Either way, I'm very pleased with myself and my progression. By the way... water is really starting to taste even better than it used to. Soda's and things with sugar in them... are starting to taste toooo sweet for my liking. So hopefully... one thing will lead to even more... BETTER things. (losing weight, drinking water, eatting better and not wanting to eat bad...eventually leading to wanting to keep these behaviors...YAY!) To the right: Me gettin' ready to go get my "jog on". Haha, my face looks a little like one of those exlax commercials or something. Hahaha!

Alrighty, I'm gonna go ice a knee. Until next time!! Keep the prayers! And thanks so much to the ladies that have been commenting to me and emailing. I do SO appreciate it. It really makes my day and I tell everyone that I talk about my blog to -about all the things that your write to me.Thank you. I'll also be looking into trying to figure out why the leave a comment thing isn't workin'.