Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pics and my Story of Determination

Trudging through the Forest Pictures.
Here are some of the pictures that my husband took of my little girl and I with our pups. These were taken at happier times during the whole trek.

Little gal and myself walking the pups.

Here was Dotty and I running. She sort of just took off and of course, being strapped to my arm. I shot off like a rocket! I might add that I kept that up for a good while.

Venturing further into the woods. This was the path before it got to be ... no path what-so-ever. You would think that seeing this path ... that the rest would look the same, boy were we wrong!!

And finally... the finishing line. Kind of. This was the levy by the lake. Afterwards, we went to the concession and then did the jaunt around the entire bottom of the lakes campsites. Much better, even with the ups and downs, than the wooded area. I mean this was like deer huntin' country. Something I like to do, but wasn't expecting on this outing. I told my husband, "Breaking my shoulder deer hunting was more fun than that!"
( My husband accidently broke my shoulder when our daughter was 9 months old. Here's THAT story.)
We were deer hunting and my bad knee was starting to pinch really bad. So he decided that when we went out for round 2 that we would bring the 4-wheeler. Thoughtfull, yes, but we ended up rolling the wheeler down a steep hill into a tree. I hit my head, blacked out for just a second, was pinned between the wheeler and a tree. Hubby was thrown off down to the base of the hill. I was left 2/3 of the way up between 2 of the hardest surfaces I'd ever been between. Laying there holding a more than 400lb wheeler up off of my body with my legs so that it wouldn't crush the rest of me. All with a dislocated arm. I can imagine I looked a lot like a pretzel. Hubby pulled the 4 wheeler off of me with super human strength(im sure thats how i was holding it off of me until he got there as well.) Then hubby proceeded to attempt lifting me up by my under arms as the wheeler slid down the hill beside us. THAT.... HURT! It was then that I realized my arm was out of socket. And actually it was sort of laying above my head in a really weird way. I told hubs to stand back and wait a second until I could catch my breath from THAT. I then I took a deep breath, grit my teeth, closed my eyes and rolled with as much force as I could muster in my almost lifeless feeling body and managed to lock that arm back into place. Yes, I set my own arm back into it's socket. AND ... YES, it hurt and I said some no no words. A lot of them started with HOLY...(I figured I might as well get some prayer in -in some form). My husband just stood there shaking, in tears, looking at me in shock from what I had just done on my own. He then, VERY slowly helped me up and as luck would have it. I did all this on a day when I had my own custom sling...My hunting bibs! I managed to place my arm into th side of the bibs and use them to my advantage as we trudged the rest of the way to our cabin where Leif's father and pa-paw were waiting on us to come in from the hunt. They hollered "My gosh, did ya hear them kids a hollerin' a bit-ago. They were makin' a terrible bunch-a noise!" Then realizing we were not happily coming along... and that the wheeler was not with us, they both came running. My husband was sobbing horrendously by now and I was trying to stay calm because the hit in the head that I took from the tree worried me that I might have some serious problems. It was like being in the dark and watching an electical fire start up... reds and blues and gold. Wild, lemme tell ya. So hurridly we got our important things gathered and headed to civilization. Our cabin is literally in the booneys. I sat in the truck as hubby drove me into the next available town to get to the ER. I kept having to make him slow down because he was so upset and driving ...not so slow. I even remembered asking "Babe, do you need me to drive. I can if you don't think you can manage." He was still just sobbing. I then remembered that our 9 month old baby was at momma n laws house and was looking for us back soon since it was dark by now. I said, "Ok Leif, you need to try to stay quiet while I call your momma." He shook his head and I proceeded to call once a signal was available.
*Cheery tone* "Hey Connie, what's goin on ?"
"Oh nothin' baby. You guys have fun?"
"Yea, we had fun. How's that baby of mine doin'."
"Oh she's been sooo good. We've done this and that.......(told me all about their day)"
Then I proceeded with.
"That's awesome. But Hey, um, Leif and I are gonna be a lil' late gettin' back. Eric and Pa-Paw will be back before us. Now don't worry or get upset but we've had an accident and I may have broke my arm or something."
*Connie's panic sets in and the rapid questions fly*
"I'm ok. I'm not even really in pain. Actually, I'm more calm than Leif."
.....blah, blah, blah....
I tell her not to worry and that we need her to calmly take care of our child while we deal with the arm business.
We then get to the ER. Tell my parents that we are there and they show up. I sit there still wearing my custom camo sling. Horror stories from nurses are told. ( I roll my eyes and think, what kinda idiot do you gotta be to tell an injured gal how bad her life is gonna be now. ) Mind you, I have never broke anything. I then get xrays and a catskan, etc, etc. And THEN the xray tech goes..." Haha, no wonder it hurts... it AUGHTA!..haha". I say what and he says... "Oh, I can't tell you. The docotors have to but I can tell ya that it SHOULD hurt..haha" It's at this time that I'm thinking - where do they find these people?
I'm then wheeled back into the room and the doc says to me. Yep it sure is broken. After all that ... that's what I got. He then tells me I will need to go to a specialist because there is nothing they can do because of the kind of break and where it is.
After all of this mess. I find out that there is nothing anyone can do. No surgery, no cast, no pins...nothing. I just have to sit like this until it heals. It was broken in such a place that if you did anything to it ... it would never heal right and become a useless arm. So there I was with a 9 month old baby and lots of physical therapy (6 months or so). Can you imagine not holding your baby for that long!! It was an extremely challenging ordeal. Just to sleep, do dishes, laundry, PEE!... and forget about trying to put a regular bra on. Everyday things were terrible and hurt ...A LOT! But when I started doing extra physical therapy, staying longer hours and focused so hard on my weight lifting that I would zone even my P.T. out... I came back faster than they had expected. I remember my P.T. saying..."hey! Rambo... jeez girl, I been trying to get your attention. What's with you... ". I said... "Determination". And that's what gets me through.