Sunday, August 9, 2009

Day 27 and Month's Photo Progression

Here is day 27 with day 21.(Revised: I have placed day 21 next to day 27 so that you may better see the definition of my waist and the slimmer face and neck that I was talking of below because the month photo below doesn't zoom in like I thought it would.) It has almost been a month now and I have put all of this months past pictures for you to view below. Sorry for the terrible tank top. I don't normally show my arms because of how big they are. It was a last minute "I forgot to get a blog picture and I was out with my dogs right before this. Hence the non-makeup, ewwwy, sweaty face. I believe if you click on the month long photo below, that you will be able to see that I have more definition in my waist and that my chin and neck are slimmer when you compare even last weeks with this weeks photo. I realize I look a bit hippy but thats because these jeans are starting to not stay up anymore around my waist. So I have on a belt that is a little bulky making me look like I've got "nanohips" Imagine this. I had to go shopping for a belt in the mens section because the womens aren't big enough or are too tacky. I found this mens belt one day after noticing my jeans(that normally, I am poured into... )were getting too big around the waist(...thighs?-not so much still-tend to build too much muscle and always have). So anyways, back to the belt. It's a braided belt (thick) but it has a hole between each braid all the way to the buckle so that it can shrink with me(which I love). So YAY!!! I realize also that I have gained a little but that's ok. I am determined to loose FAT and I think I am accomplishing that nicely. Plus the fact that things have been going kinda poopish lately. (car blew up, both mowers stopped working, hubs and I BOTH had wisdom teeth pulled, family emergency/catastrophe!!, me having 2 infections + meds for those, knee injury, bike tire problems(now I have another flat as of today...I'm sure I'm forgetting some things but all in all... I think, with how depressed I can get, that I have done WONDERFUL for myself and have still kept up my challenge thus far) YAY! Let me know what you guys think of how I have done!!!

Day 21 Pic and Day 7 Pic-Difference? I think so!

I thought you all would get a kick outta this. I wore this same shirt for my day 21 as my day 7 and I think there is a huge difference. I didn't loose much weight but I think my body is starting to tighten up. Sorry that my belly button is kinda showing...ewwy! I was trying to show you all how my sides are starting to thin out. I think everything is working so far. Sorry that it took so long to post these by the way. Okie doke, well I'll be posting my past weeks pic now.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Praise the Lord...

Hi everyone, I promise that I haven't fallen off of the face of the Earth. This past week has been a little messy. First off... that knee of mine has been giving me really bad problems with how bad it hurts. So I didn't get as much outdoor exersice in. Then we have had some family issues... not in my home but more like...brothers, sisters and parents. It's been a heartaching day and I just wanted to check in at least for now with you all. I did take a picture of myself on Thursday because I knew I couldn't on Friday. Tons of things going on. I did also manage to lose another lb. Not what I was hoping but ya know... if you don't work at it... it doesn't do it on it's own. So that's my fault. BUT, it was still a lb! Anyways, I hope to post my pic on here tomorrow. I have to go to the dentist to get a wisdom tooth pulled. That's going to postpone another day of working out but... I need a day to rest and think after what went on today. So I am going to ask that everyone who reads this to PLEASE .... please... pray for my family and their peace of mind and for them to find God a little easier right now as I have come to ask Him myself in times of hardship. And also a prayer for my knee and my tooth pulling adventure. I really need lifting for my family though. I wish I could make this terrible ordeal go away or at least wish that I could do more healing with my hands towards their minds, bodys and souls. But for now... I'll settle for a prayer that God can do it for me. Thanks so much everyone. -BrittanyJo