Tuesday, July 14, 2009

That minor setbacks not gonna get me down!

Well, I'm proud to say that I am still at it. Just a few more days and I will have completed a FULL week of commiting to my challenge. Today my daughter and I got up and had a bowl of cereal, relaxed a little, did laundry and dishes... then got suited up! We made our selves a couple of PB & J's (hers were cut into hearts of course- with NO crust!). We also took grapes and an apple to share. Stopped into town to grab some water because I couldn't find our waterbottles ANYWHERE!! Then I thought, well shoot, before we go... I had better check my tires on my bike because one was low yesterday... and sure enough. It was flat as a flitter! So I got it out and aired it up but then one test squeeze and it really pooted! ssshhhoooopttt... Well pooters!! So I had to just throw it in the back of the truck and thought... hey, I brought Erica's bike just in case she wants to learn to ride it. (She crys everytime I ask because it scares her so much - she would rather have the tricycle) Maybe its just me but... tricycle-bicycle with training wheels.... call me crazy but they seem the same to me. Not to her though. So I finally told her to just try for momma and she did... she loved it so much she forgot her trike was even with us and just kept on peddlin'. So I got a decent walk in and she learned to have more confidence.( A+ ) for me and Erica! Lemons to Lemonaide, right? Yea, that's what I'm thinkin'... yay us!
Ok, so then I took my bike to my pops n law and hes gonna fix it for me tomorrow. We then had to stop at his store and get a turkey and cheese sandwich instead for Erica ( so much for saving but its only 1.99 for a fresh made and might I add awesome sandwich ... Plus it was turkey so I didn't complain too much..haha. So I finally got to my sandwich and grapes and it was sooo good with a nice glass of fat free skim milk (which I really DO love... pinky swear!) After we got home and relaxed a lil more, did a lil more cleaning up the house, etc... we went out with our puppies for another walk/jog. It's so hard to jog with hunting dogs... they always have their noses down hoping to find something to gobble up.. hungry or not. So if you're in a jog and one stops you either get jerked or stumble over them...lol. But we did it just the same and felt like it was a good "jog". So tonight we eat taco's. Reward... but not a ton, I promise! Talk to you all later! Keep up the prayers.