Monday, July 20, 2009

Trudging through the forest...

Well, I decided to wait a day before I would post what happend last night-to kind of get over I was home with my husband and our little girl when my hubby decided that we should try the trails at Glen O' Jones Lake. He suggested that we bring Kory and Dotty (our pups) along as well. I agreed and thought this would be a great exercising opportunity. So I leashed up the pups and got some water for us all and we were off. We arrived at the lake all rearin' to go. What a fun thing to do! I took the camera as I always do and off we went. At first it was great. Walking and jogging a little as we went. Then a lil' more of a hiking type of trail...then the path got smaller and harder to stay on. As we went a lil futher...Kory...decided she wouldn't budge (later on I would find out she's smarter than she looked at that moment). I finally got her to go a little more and by this time we were all 3+the dogs standing there going "where's the trail... i can't tell where we are supposed to go". So we decide to try to map it out ourselves...up steep hills... accross a bedrock stream... over fallen trees... then through briar patches... then thickets. Did I meantion that my 4 year old daughter and I were not dressed for hiking in the woods. We were both in cotton capris, no show socks and tennis shoes! Terrible when walking through briar bushes and such. We finally see, once we get to a little bit of a clearing that we have only made it half way around and I being the hard headed type say angrily..."We've gone this far... I'm not turning around to go through that crap again!" So... we went into the same "crap" only worse when we trudge forward. Me falling over my scared puppies and tripping on branches...getting them shoved into my ankles, scrapes, bruises, sweating, can't hardly breathe!! (Did I meantion that I suffer from anxiety) Almost in a panic attack, wanting to cry, angry at my husband for even suggesting that we go, wanting to call someone to come float a boat across so that we may jump in, actually contemplating jumping in the water to swim across a mile or so of the lake, wondering how much a divorce might cost, mosquitos swarming... wondering how bad the ticks are out here, wondering if we will ever get out of here, hoping my husband knows how mad I am, thinking that he better not let my baby get a scratch on her porclin baby skin, looking at my capris thinking "oh he owes me a new pair!", STILL no defined path!...feet hurting, legs hurting, knees feeling like they're breaking, puppies pulling me, more mosquitos, more stupid branches scratching my ankles, ahhh more briars, big hole, fell in, really angry now.
Ugh! terrible!
Finally, a car atop the ridge, could it be... we're almost there! We were....2 hours later we were almost there. And there it was... the levy. Dear Lord, solid, FLAT, grasssy, GROUND! I then decided to talk to my husband and tell him that never again will our family be taking another one of his "trails" again. Divorce urge was lifting. Smile not there yet but trying to peek out. I then tell hubby that I am going into the t-shirt making business. This is a weird time to decide this, I know but when he looked at me strangly... I replied with. Yes, I will be making t-shirts to sell here that say... " I kicked Glen O' Jones "TRAIL'S" A$$!" We both laughed and finally, FINALLY... we were close to the concession. Water, oooohhh water!! *Lemonaide - 1.00* ... no, i change my mind... Lemonaide, ooooohhhh lemonaide! Finally we had returned to where there were people... people that were no where near the ones that my mind had conjered up...hmmm *thought enters*= (movie: Deliverance). What a day! Our little girl, (yes, we made it back WITH her) was so happy to be back as well, even though she got a ride on her daddy's shoulders the whole time... darn those wide shoulders for not having enough room for me!!
Needless to say, it was bad... but I also MUST SAY... that I did it! I went on a "hiking" trail for over 2 hours and did it in those darn capris that are now tattered from briar thorns and my little no show socks that did nary a thing to protect my ankles AND last but not least my tennis shoes... with no ankle support what-so-ever. I did it. So take that fatness! You'll be gone in no time, just you wait and seeeeee.... mwwwwaahhhahahahahaaa!

In conclusion I just want to say..... I kicked Glen O' Jones Trails A$$!