Monday, July 13, 2009

The Walkin', Bikin', Runnin' Fools!

Well, This whole fitter me thing is starting to pay off. I love it. For the last few days I have been really trying. I have managed to fight off temptations, keep active AND... duh duh duh duuuuuuhhhhh!!!... lose a few pounds. I have been eatting my oatmeal (good for your heart food), and loading up on fruits and water. I resisted the urge to eat a whole box of and just settled for 2. One on one day and one on the next. I also have been taking "Pearls" a small pearl-like bead that contains the same live active cultures as yogurt. Something my body doesn't like to produce causing lots of infections for me... not fun!
Yesterday my daughter and I took our pups out for a walk on the bike path for a straight hour of constant walking. Then today we went back for a good ole ride. I haven't rode a bike in... well i couldn't tell ya when. Sure my butts sore but that's the name of the game. No, not "sore butt"...No pain no gain. Isn't that what they always say. Either way... this pain doesn't come close to the constant pain of not feeling good about myself. So take that! Sore Butt!! It was an awesome ride. I not only rode ...but was teaching my lil' girl to ride a bike as well. She chose a more stable tricycle as her mode of transportation. She's almost got this peddling and stearing thing down. Also, her papaw is a bicycling, outdoorsy hiker guy... so we ran into him there too. Not literally RAN into him... you know what i So there we went for a good hour and a half. Then once we were home and relaxed a bit, ate, colored...ya know... all the things that matter... we went out for a jog. Yes, a jog at 220lbs.... it can happen. And my lil gal is 4 and was a champ at her run... I was so proud of her. When it got too much to handle we would speed walk and she thought the whole thing was soooo cool... It was more or less ..."momma lets run"(for about 20 steps... then "ok, its time to walk" for about 20 MINUTES...hahaha. All that mattered is that I kept my heart rate up. Even while she spedwalked... I would do more of a hopping walk so I think that counts. All I know is when I get done... I feel so good and I have been actually sleeping at night this past weekend. SLEEPING!! wow. I can't believe it with my terrible insomnia. I think it's helping because it's getting those lungs opened up and able to breathe better. I weighed myself this morning right after I got up and was at 216lbs but ... I am not counting that as my progress weight. I will only post my progress weights on fridays. I think that sometimes your weight fluxes a lot depending on time of day, weither you have ate or drank and even .... pottied. So Friday is when the weighing counts as progress... that way a full week can go by and I'm not constantly posting things like "oh no, i gained a pound"(after I have at a full meal). I will post the every few days weigh ins in my postings though just to remind myself that I have a goal. If that makes any sense. Well off to the shower... it's soooo calling me.

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Debra said...

I'm on the same journey. I've done it before-just like you said, and I can do it again!! Yipee for us!!
The feeling of self control tastes better than those M&M's....(well...)
I'll pray for you-you pray for me!!