Thursday, July 23, 2009

Day 13... a day away from weigh in

Hey everyone, I know its not weigh in day but today I felt pretty good and decided to share a pic of how I compared to the earlier pictures. I didn't look GREAT becaue of my lack of makeup but I thought I looked a little slimmer. My arms don't seem to be looking as much like the size of tree trunks either. Maybe it's just wishful thinking BUT, that's fine with me if it gets me motivated to keep up the work. As you know, I weigh myself throughout the week as well but they don't count until the final weigh in day... but it looked as if I had lost 3 more pounds. Let's hope!! That would be THAT much closer to a 10 lb loss. YAY! I put two pictures on here so that you can see that I'm starting to actually get more of a waist in the second photo. For the Day 13 photo I pulled my pants back up over my lovely muffin tops..bluccckk! I also think it's toooo funny that you can tell which side has always been my baby packin' hip. Seems to be more defined...LOL! OH, and by the way, sorry again for the poor picture quality. It's hard to teach a 4 year old about lighting.