Friday, July 17, 2009

Day 7 215lbs

Well I have made it a whole week. Today was a bad day for not being able to eat healthy. I just kinda went back to my old mode of ..."we're having to go on a trip just grab snacks"... thing without thinking of what kind of snacks to bring. But that's ok. Just one day. As long as you do good for the majority, right??? I don't know... maybe not. Anyways, we had to go to paducah for my hubbys teeth to be pulled... all 4 wisdom teeth to be exact. ughhh! Bad deal. Afterwards, the lil one and I grabbed a burger before heading home.. we were so hungry. I ended up fighting the urge to just scarf it down whole and ate slowly until i was full. (Leaving a good part of the burger behind) Yay, me! I ate only part of our small fries too. I hate wasting money and food BUT... it was a quick decision and I wasn't thinking. Better luck next time. Maybe Subway will be closer!

Well... 215lb is what im going to call it at for the first of week 1. I have 2 scales and both of them... well im not sure how acurate they are. So I took the middle weight of what they said. I'm not real happy about not knowing for sure... but for now... all i know is I have lost some weight. My photo doesn't exactly make me any happier either but that's ok too. I'll just use it as motivation. I think maybe this shirt isn't a shirt I should have bought. I think it makes me look worse than last week. But that's what ya get for not trying it on before you buy it. And then again, it could be that a 4 year old is taking the picture and looking up isn't the best picture angle for someone as big as I