Sunday, August 9, 2009

Day 27 and Month's Photo Progression

Here is day 27 with day 21.(Revised: I have placed day 21 next to day 27 so that you may better see the definition of my waist and the slimmer face and neck that I was talking of below because the month photo below doesn't zoom in like I thought it would.) It has almost been a month now and I have put all of this months past pictures for you to view below. Sorry for the terrible tank top. I don't normally show my arms because of how big they are. It was a last minute "I forgot to get a blog picture and I was out with my dogs right before this. Hence the non-makeup, ewwwy, sweaty face. I believe if you click on the month long photo below, that you will be able to see that I have more definition in my waist and that my chin and neck are slimmer when you compare even last weeks with this weeks photo. I realize I look a bit hippy but thats because these jeans are starting to not stay up anymore around my waist. So I have on a belt that is a little bulky making me look like I've got "nanohips" Imagine this. I had to go shopping for a belt in the mens section because the womens aren't big enough or are too tacky. I found this mens belt one day after noticing my jeans(that normally, I am poured into... )were getting too big around the waist(...thighs?-not so much still-tend to build too much muscle and always have). So anyways, back to the belt. It's a braided belt (thick) but it has a hole between each braid all the way to the buckle so that it can shrink with me(which I love). So YAY!!! I realize also that I have gained a little but that's ok. I am determined to loose FAT and I think I am accomplishing that nicely. Plus the fact that things have been going kinda poopish lately. (car blew up, both mowers stopped working, hubs and I BOTH had wisdom teeth pulled, family emergency/catastrophe!!, me having 2 infections + meds for those, knee injury, bike tire problems(now I have another flat as of today...I'm sure I'm forgetting some things but all in all... I think, with how depressed I can get, that I have done WONDERFUL for myself and have still kept up my challenge thus far) YAY! Let me know what you guys think of how I have done!!!